we call the shots, not them.

we stand for medical freedom!

We are an all-volunteer group of America’s transportation professionals, Americans of all stripes, in the air, rail, and trucking industries who share a specific mission: to protect your inalienable right to travel freely without government obstruction based on your vaccination status.

We are the US Freedom Flyers.

We safely transport you, your food, goods, and packages. We get you to where you’re going so you can make the memories that last. 

But this vital industry and our Great Country are under attack. With President Biden’s mandate on Covid-19 vaccinations, we are on the precipice of being forced to choose between our medical and religious freedoms or the ability to put food on our families’ plates and yours. 

We will NOT stand by idly and allow this to happen to you or to us.

If you feel, as we do, that these mandates by the Federal Government are too much, too far, and too invasive; join us.

Welcome aboard. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote informed consent and defend individual medical freedom through preserving citizen’s rights to work and travel without governmental obstruction. We accomplish our vision of medical freedom by engaging, informing, defending, and mobilizing in alliance with HFDF to preserve our Constitutionally protected rights.

Engage: We pursue opportunities to weigh in on issues that threaten medical freedom at nationwide events.

Inform: We encourage conversations to develop a deeper understanding of informed consent and our rights as citizens of this country.

Defend: We protect and rally citizens’ medical freedom and bodily sovereignty though teaming with Health Freedom Defense Fund and Davillier Law to fight back against the forthcoming Federal Mandate.

Mobilize: We use our national network to deploy representatives to ensure support is available when medical freedom is under attack, whether at the State or Federal level.