Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) is dedicated to protecting and defending the liberty of all Americans with regard to health care decisions. The Davillier Law Group is honored to represent HFDF. HFDF is honored to have our legal pursuits directed by Davillier Law Group Partner George R. Wentz.

Self-determination in health care — sovereignty over our bodies — is a fundamental human right, perhaps the most fundamental. Any vaccine mandate that forces employees to take a vaccine upon penalty of losing their job and career violates that fundamental right.

HFDF has been working with US Freedom Flyers for over a month now. During that time, the litigation landscape has changed significantly. 

This week, with the OSHA order stalled, airlines began mandating vaccines relying on another of President Biden’s executive orders, one that requires government contractors to vaccinate all their employees. Almost all airlines have contracts with the government and are therefore covered by that order. 

At the same time, religious exemptions have either not been granted, or when granted, they result in employees being suspended without pay, as United Airlines has done.

Accordingly, now is the time to prepare to proceed against the airlines that are currently mandating the vaccines, as well as against President Biden for issuing the illegal and unethical executive orders mandating vaccines. It is also the time to prepare a challenge to the legality of the airlines’ implementation of the religious exemption process.

We propose to prepare a federal lawsuit on behalf of US Freedom Flyers to challenge the constitutionality of President Biden’s executive order as well as mandatory vaccine policies by all airlines that have instituted them. At the same time, we will challenge the constitutionality of the religious exemption process the airlines have implemented. We believe that this challenge is critical to restoring the rule of law in the United States, and is a case that we can win. 

A word of caution, however. The legal process moves at a slow pace. First, we must prepare the suit. Then, just because we file the lawsuit does not mean that the issues US Freedom Flyers face will come to an end. Once we file, we will move the Court to put a halt to the mandatory vaccine order and policies through a temporary restraining order. Unfortunately, to date few courts have been willing to do so. Whether the Court grants or denies our motion for a temporary restraining order, a preliminary injunction hearing will follow. Regardless of how that hearing comes out, ultimately a trial will take place, followed by appeals by the losing parties.

Lawsuits are marathons, not sprints. We will prosecute the case to achieve the fastest route to victory, but we want the US Freedom Flyers team to have realistic expectations. In the near term, getting the court to rule on a temporary restraining order can take several weeks after suit is filed. The preliminary injunction hearing can take place a month or more later. The law is methodical and slow. Patience is a virtue when entering this system.

While we carry out the fight on the legal front, we urge you all to stand firm in your convictions, true to your conscience and resolute in the knowledge that millions of Americans support you in your efforts to preserve your right to bodily autonomy and to be free from coercion. President Biden would not have issued his unethical and illegal mandate if those attempting to destroy medical freedom in America were winning this fight. The opposite is true, we are winning the information war and if we stand strong and stand together, we will win and prevail.

We look forward to speaking with members of US Freedom Flyers on a Zoom call shortly to discuss our plan to defend your most basic of human rights, that of bodily autonomy. If we do not have control over what we put into and on our bodies, we are not free.

Leslie Manookian

President and Founder, Health Freedom Defense Fund

George R. Wentz,

Partner, Davillier Law Group