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Denied Ethical Waiver

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Delta HR opened a window by allowing us to file for an “ethical” waiver and I was encouraged by the CPO to do so. I did and after 2 months they finally ruled on it and DENIED my ethical waiver!!  I had submitted to the CPO and they said my reasoning was fine and to go ahead and send it in to HR back in NOV. I am now furious as to how HR subjectively denied my waiver and their reasoning was that they didn’t feel my ethical complaint was valid!  I would really like to know what my next options are. Can I file an EEOC complaint?

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Hi Strikeeagle, I don’t know if anyone already answered you, but yes, you should file an EEOC complaint with your state now.  According to what I was advised to do before my religious accomodation was accepted, you will need to have done that step before going to an employment lawyer.  This will help support your case.  If someone already helped you, please disregard.


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