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lawsuit culpability

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just a “legal” thought; with all the potential class action lawsuit possibilities resulting from forced “jabs”, it seems focus has been on the gov’t, faa, faa certified flight surgeons, pilot unions, company ceo’s, as targets for lawsuits.

one must also consider the actual pilot who took the “jab” through coercion or otherwise. except for the “gov’t”, everyone of the aforementioned, including the pilot,  is responsible for knowledge of the FAR’s. in particular, the FAR 61 regarding medicals, which points out that no one should take or be allowed to take any vaccine that has not been proven on the market for the previous 12 months (rough interpretation).

therefore, in theory, all pilots should have refused the jab on these grounds.

those that didn’t and took the “jab” may be open to a personal lawsuit by passengers who have been on flights commanded by these potentially unsafe pilots.

be careful what you wish for?

open to thoughts and thank you to the brave souls opening this website and forum.


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