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Official Statement from Leslie Manookian and George Wentz

OAN – Real America – Dan Ball

Airline Pilot Speaks Out Against Mandate

Tucker: Airline employees have more power than they realize

How to Fight Tyrannical Airline COVID Mandates with ‘US Freedom Flyers’

KNX In Depth: Unvaccinated Airline Pilots Make a Stand (Minute 25)

Pilot On Vaccine Mandate: Transportation And Shipping Workers Have All The Power

US Freedom Flyers Group Forms to Help Transportation Employees

Airline and Transportation Group Speaks Out Against C-19 Forced Vaccines

US Freedom Flyers Take a Stand for Freedom

USFF’s Kate O’Brien Speaks About Mandates and Pushing Back

Industry In The News

Federal Judge Rules Medical Exemptions Must Be Allowed

How to Fight Tyrannical Airline COVID Mandates with ‘US Freedom Flyers’

USFF Mandate and Title VII Zoom Call

Norway: COVID-19 Can Now Be Compared to the Flu

Federal Judge Again Blocks Vaccination Mandate Enforcement

Romania Shuts Down Government Vaccines

United Airlines Employees Sue Company

President of Croatia “We Will Not Be Vaccinated Anymore!”

Mississippi Public Universities Banned From Mandating Vaccines

Biden’s Covid-19 Vaccines Mandate “Unconstitutional”

Alabama Hospital Defies Biden, Ends Vaccine Mandate

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  • Weekly Update October 1, 2021

    Our first general member Zoom Town Hall was held on Thursday, September 30. We want to thank those who attended. While we did everything we could to prepare for the meeting, we were plagued by some technical difficulties which resulted in the meeting getting closed every 40 minutes and a limit of only 100 total …

  • It Has Begun

    Thank you for trusting us with your passion and commitment to what you believe.  All together, We are Pilots, Engineers & Flight Attendants from all of the United States commercial passenger air and railway carriers.  Trust that we have been working hard behind the scenes.  We are preparing with legal counsel and we are on …