It Has Begun

It Has Begun

Thank you for trusting us with your passion and commitment to what you believe. 

All together, We are Pilots, Engineers & Flight Attendants from all of the United States commercial passenger air and railway carriers. 

Trust that we have been working hard behind the scenes.  We are preparing with legal counsel and we are on the cusp of announcing virtual and in person events. We are about to make available stickers and business size cards to help you bring more of your fellow coworkers to this combined platform. This message is here to inform you that you are not even close to being alone in your thoughts and on this journey. We have over 25 Freedom Flyer platforms separately for each airline and transportation company involved.  Combined…. there are thousands of us, if not tens of thousands, on these platforms with the same concerns and desire to Not Be Forced by any mandate to take a risk of damaging our health. 

We are trying to cut through all of the nonsense and fight the mandate to be vaccinated to retain employment in the industry most of us have dedicated our lives to. We need more voices on this platform. We need your co-workers on this platform because each one of you matters and NUMBERS WILL SPEAK VOLUMES. HISTORICALLY numbers have changed the trajectory of the transportation industry more than any other American Industry. 

Keep doing what you are doing on your specific platform. Trust your instincts and always do your best to vet your information. All of your feelings, stories, frustration, emails, letters and SoundOffs are extremely valuable.  

We all need to make some sacrifices the next few months.  You may need to postpone that trip to the Islands or to Europe.  This is not forever.  This is temporary.  Stand your feet on stone and say NO THANK YOU.  Do not let the pressures get to you.  They are doing this on purpose and we urge you not to give in.  We will get through this.  TOGETHER. 

We are ordering BIG stickers to put on the sides of our bags so pax can see them as we walk through the terminals.  We hope some of you might have some friends who own businesses that you can display them at.  The business cards will be next week.  Looking at wrist bands and bag tags too!    

More to follow very soon!!

THANK YOU for standing for freedom!!


I stand for my right to take care of my own health. Not the governments right to control my health. It’s the government’s job to protect my rights. I don’t want to be forced to take something harmful to my body.

We don’t want settlement money. We want freedom, Our given rights due to us by the constitution, Our ability to go to work without harassments or being singled out as “bad”, To live without being separated as a leper. The ability to choose how to die, become damaged or live.

Proud to apart of a group that sees the bigger picture. People were willing to risk dying to come to this country for Freedom. Being apart of this group is to secure my children’s right to freedom in the future.
Thank you for your unwavering bravery.

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