Vaccine Injury Questionnaire

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) has asked for any airline employees who have suffered a Covid-19 vaccine injury to submit their stories to us so that we may compile them and send them to his office. 

This is your opportunity to protect others from dealing with the pain and suffering you may be enduring due to this vaccine. This is your chance to tell the world the truth about what you are experiencing and the other side of the story regarding this vaccine the government, our companies and our unions are trying desperately to cover up. 

We understand how personal this issue is and we can assure you of our discretion and our commitment to your privacy in this matter. 

With your permission, Senator Johnson will tell your story in an Oversight Letter he is drafting that will be sent to President Biden, FAA Administrator Stephen Dickson, Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and all Airline Executives. 

We want your voice and your story to be heard and told. We encourage you to prayerfully and thoughtfully consider sharing your story and humanizing your vaccine injury.

To help us gather this data, please fill out the following form with your name and contact information. Kate O’Brien from US Freedom Flyers will contact you for further details.